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Maps, transcriptions, photos and information for cemeteries in every county in Texas.


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Motley County Cemeteries

Cemetery listings, inventories, transcriptions, headstone photos, grave readings, maps, location and other information.

Brooks Family Cemetery

East Mound Cemetery >>

Flomot Cemetery

Hamilton Ranch Grave

Keeter Graves >>

Matador Cemetery >>

Matador Ranch Cemetery

  • About ½ mile south of Matador on Hwy 70 and then west to Headquarters House.  Cemetery is located about ½ mile south in the pasture. Permission is need to access the cemetery. Private property.
  • Matador Ranch Cemetery Transcription from Cemeteries of Texas

Memorial Park Cemetery >>

Meyer Infant Grave

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Northfield Cemetery >>

Old Whiteflat Cemetery >>

Roaring Springs Cemetery >>

Scott Cemetery >>

TeePee Graves

  • From Matador east about 10 miles  on Tx. 62, US 70 turn north on Co. Rd. 247 for 6 miles.. This road has been closed by local ranchers and the Historical marker moved to the roadside park on highway 70.
  • Teepee City Grave Transcription from Cemeteries of Texas

Unknown Cemetery, North of Whiteflat Cemetery >>

Whiteflat Cemetery >>

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